Snoring Can Be Associated with the Risk of Dangerous Diseases

Snoring is often considered a bad habit during sleep. Because the snoring sound that is often disturbing by people around. Snoring is a fairly common thing, but this condition can also appear as a symptom of a dangerous medical condition. Snoring is more experienced by men, especially men who are overweight. Some people who are overweight tend to experience sleep apnea with its main characteristics snoring to wake up. This condition is likely caused by excess fat that has accumulated around the neck, causing interrupted breathing during sleep. Snoring and the Risk of Accompanying Diseases Some people may have tonsils or large tongue which can narrow or obstruct the airway, causing snoring during sleep. Family history of snoring and drinking can also increase the risk of snoring. As you age, snoring can get worse. In certain cases, snoring can also be associated with an increased risk of various dangerous diseases, including: Respiratory disorders People who snore often at
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